Weekly Trendline Alert for DIS

Here’s a good example of how the Weekly Trendline Alerts work.

If you wanted to invest in DIS (for the longer-term) you would run the software on the weekly timeframe and plot the trendline on the weekly chart.

Avoid buying the stock until the price breaks over the trendline – and then you see a break above that week’s high (on a subsequent week).


Keep in mind that the trendline can shift occasionally depending on the price action. But you would only need to run the program once a week to see if it’s changed.

The trendline gives a good visual plot ahead of time and the system “slows you down” so you don’t make hasty decisions and get in at the wrong time.

Once you run the software and plot the trendline it stays on your chart as a visual reference and lets you know when to avoid and when to buy. The Trendline Alerts in the Stock Pivot Trade analyzer provide a complete “trading system” – no other indicators are required.